The Technology Localisation Implementation Unit (TLIU) is an initiative of the Department of Science of Technology (DST) that is hosted at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) within its Implementation Unit.

The TLIU has been implementing the Science, Engineering and Technology Industry Internship Programme (SETIIP) over the past 3 years. The aim of the programme is to support students studying Science and Engineering related disciplines at a University of Technology (UoT) with Practical 1 (P1) and Practical 2 (P2) training. The P1 and P2 training is required by these students in order for the student to complete the respective qualifications. The students who were supported over the years were placed with the Firm Level Technology Assistance Package (FTAP) companies nationally.

The SETIIP has supported over 300 students, 161 students have graduated through the programme and 74 students have been absorbed into employment post SETIIP Implementation. The SETIIP is currently supporting 103 students for the 2016/17 Financial Year.

The programme funder, DST has realised the success of the implementation model utilised by the TLIU for the SETIIP and therefore took a decision to transfer the other internship programmes of the DST to the TLIU. The internship programmes being transferred to the TLIU were previously hosted and managed by the Technology Station (TS) under the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and Mintek. The TLIU is therefore required to host and implement this programme as a consolidated programme in partnership with the previous hosting sites. This is a clear indication of the sustainability of the SETIIP for the forthcoming years.

The DST also decided to change the name of the programme, which is now called the Experiential Training Programme (ETP).

Testimonial from the ETP Beneficiary

“I would like to express words of gratitude to TLIU programme for the financial support during my time of experiential training at Dinky Manufacturing. Coming from a University with a background of financial struggles your support has made all things required for me to complete my logbook possible. I had no struggles in the finances for research that I had to do for the logbook and also for my projects. Not only that you helped me to my studies but to my social life as well as I had to pay for things such as food, rent and transport so I can be at work at an appropriate time and be able to learn as much as possible. Your help has enabled me to complete my in service training and I am a confident engineer who is ready to change the world”. Ms Yona Mpompi: Walter Sisulu University Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Testimonial from Industry

“Imfuyo would like to thanks TLIU and CSIR for affording Imfuyo Projects the opportunity to participate in the TLIU Programme. The initiative and high level of commencement and dedication shown by the current crop of students is admirable and provides justification for the continuation of this programme in the long term. Please be assured that the high standard of fundamental practical exposure provided to the students at Imfuyo, will certainly empower students to become successful technicians in the industry. Please be assured of our continued support” Mr. Kasavan Govender: Imfuyo Projects (PTY) LTD- FTAP Beneficiary.

For more information about the ETP please contact: Busisiwe Zondi: Project Manager – Experiential Training Programme –