Technology assistance culminates in warm reception for newly designed product


Ikhwezi Solar, manufacturer of state-of-the-art solar hot water collectors, introduced a new product in the 200 litre range specifically designed for frost-prone areas, thereby increasing its product offering and already reporting interest from especially insurance companies.

Ikhwezi Solar, as a supplier to state-owned companies, was selected to form part of government’s drive to improve the competitiveness of local original equipment manufacturers. It received assistance from the Department of Science and Technology’s Firm Technology Assistance Package – one of the solutions implemented by the Technology Localisation Implementation Unit (TLIU) hosted by the CSIR.

Lorraine Shikwane, Project Manager at the TLIU, says, “The introduction of specialised simulation software has allowed for the design and modelling of solar hot water and solar photovoltaic system performance.

“A second FTAP intervention led to the new solar hot water system being submitted for testing by the South African Bureau of Standards. This system has passed the testing process and Ikhwezi was able to register it as an approved product with Eskom. This product was designed for frost-prone areas.”


For further information, please contact:

Tendani Tsedu

Media Manager: CSIR

Cell: +27 82 945 1980

Lorraine Shikwane

Project Manager: TLIU

Cell: +27 72 643 7380

About the TLIU:

The Technology Localisation Implementation Unit (TLIU) is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), which is hosted and incubated at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. The TLIU was formed by the DST to implement the deliverables of its Technology Localisation Plan. Services provided by the TLIU include:

• Benchmarking and technology capability evaluation services;

• Technology capability platforms, or shared technology facilities;

• Access to technical expertise;

• High-end technical skills development programmes;

• Design and tooling support; and

• Technology transfer benefits/Offset programmes.

About Ikhwezi Solar:

Ikhwezi Solar is part of the Ikhwezi Investment Group, an organisation with a 63% black shareholding and interests in automotive component manufacturing, property, security and the renewable energy sector. Ikhwezi Solar was formed to produce a locally manufactured solar thermal collector of world class quality, offering a superior alternative to imported products, at affordable prices. The company’s solar hot water products are SABS approved and ISO 9001 certified. The solar electrical systems make use of the most advanced technology available.